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Yamaha Pacifica 311 H YNT Satin

ST-Models | Product code: PAC-311H-YNS | ID: 216651

Yamaha Pacifica 311 H YNT Satin

Yamaha Pacifica 311 H YNT Satin

Electric guitar from Pacifica series that combines the straight-edged Pacifica body shape with a more vintage look with cream/chrome pickup covers, chrome control knobs and tortoiseshell pickguard. It features an alder body, a bolt-on maple neck and a 250mm-radius rosewood fingerboard with 22 frets. It is equipped with the Alnico V P-90 and Alnico V humbucking custom-wound pickup combo that offers a great range of vintage and modern sound. Sound can be adjusted via Master Tone control with coil split and Master Volume control. Scale length of the guitar is 647.7 mm. Other features include high-quality hardware including black TUSQ-XL nut fret, hard-tail bridge and Grover locking tuners. Yellow Natural Satin colour design.

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Yellow Natural Satin

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Do you own Yamaha Pacifica 311 H YNT Satin or have you had a chance to try it?

Mario V.

Quality of manufacture


Quality/Price ratio

Overall impression


Incredible value for the money, the guitar came very nicely packaged (more than any other I've bought) and almost perfectly setup - the action was a bit high so I only had to lower the bridge saddles which took me a few minutes and it plays perfectly, neck and intonation were setup flawlessly and the strings seem new. Another thing that is flawless on this guitar is the build, the frets are literally so perfect that you only see that on guitars priced much higher than this one - and sometimes not even then! The build quality and materials all point to a very high quality instrument. The neck is probably the fastest I've ever played, it's smooth as butter and the satin finish feels incredibly nice and slick, especially after playing guitars with glossy necks exclusively like I have. The hardware is equally as amazing especially for the price - Grover locking tuners, Graphtech TUSQ-XL nut and the quality Yamaha steel bridge all provide superb tuning stability, playability, great sustain and add a lot to the tone. Onto the G&L Korean made pickups, the P90 is very impressive, full bodied, crisp, warm full tone with plenty of power it's a P90 pickup that impresses me as much as any I've ever heard. The bridge pickup is also quite good, it's not a high output pickup at all so those in need of extreme gain or in the metal style exclusively (or those who love their bridge pickups to have a lot of power) should seek for an upgrade but if you love the classic PAF tone you will not be disappointed. It's quite a lively pickup with good dynamics and harmonics, it cleans up beautifully and is quite balanced and open and not at all muddy or dark as some humbuckers tend to be in this price range. It's not quite as impressive as the P90 but it actually compliments it very nicely which is the most important thing. Split coil gives you some Telecaster sounding tones but the drop in output is considerable of course. For more power in split coil mode an upgrade is perhaps warranted. The pots are Alpha, so quite good and neither high-end and not no-name low quality either. If there is anything that stands out as ''cheap'' on this guitar it's the pickup selector switch, albeit it's the same as the one in the 311h's more expensive brother the 611! The guitar also has a very resonant, open and lively sound when played unplugged and it's it's solid alder body really makes for a different tone to all the mahogany bodied humbucking guitars out there - imo alder and a PAF humbucker with a hot p90 in the neck is an outstanding combination. This guitar is a rock/blues players dream! And the last thing to mention, the natural satin finish while perhaps not as attractive to the eye as some more ''bling-ish'' finishes out there or fancy stuff with maple tops and what not, still looks really classy and most importantly feels really nice on the skin. I've been playing a PRS a lot before getting this and it's very refreshing and welcoming to feel the natural satin on the skin. All in all this guitar is probably one of if not THE best value on the market, it is simply unbeatable in it's combination of great build quality, playability, sound and components. VERY highly recommended! GD.

Juraj S.

Quality of manufacture


Quality/Price ratio

Overall impression


Vďaka ladiacim zámkom Grover drží krásne ladenie a pochválil som si veľmi aj dĺžku tónu, je ľahká veľmi príjemne sa na nej hrá,funkcia push and pull dodá pri hre len ďalšiu úžasnú možnosť pozmeniť farbu tónu a cena je veľmi prijateľná pri tejto kvalite nástroja,zvukovo veľmi konkuruje značkovým gitarám tvaru STRAT alebo TELE, proste SUPER. V ten deň keď som ju kúpil, som okrem nej vyskúšal zhruba 20 iných gitár podobnej charakteristiky aby som si bol istý že ju ozaj chcem, hodí sa aj do nahrávacieho štúdia.

Branislav B.

Quality of manufacture


Quality/Price ratio

Overall impression


Super, v tejto cene tazko zohnat lepsi pomer cena / vykon. Gitarka ma nadherny sustain a peknu farbu zvuku, to drevo normalne zije :) Kamarat profi gitarista hra na gitarke za viac ako 1000€ a velmi mi tuto ocenil, dokonca aj on zvazuje jej kupu. Jedine co bolo pre mna bezviznamne minus boli dodane struny, tie som vymenil a okamzite som si ju zamiloval. Odkedy ju mam sa mi dokonca zlepsila hra na gitare :) Odporucam!

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