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Fear of failure? Get rid of it in one, two, three!

Coincidence is a jerk. The warranty period of the product has just come to an and the goods have immediately stopped working. How annoying! What do you now?
With an extended warranty, we provide you with longer protection against unwanted failure.
You can activate this warranty extension for one, two or even three years.

+ 1 year
+ 2 years
+ 3 years

The normal warranty has expired and you haven't selected the extended warranty.
A practical example:

The product is not working properly or is completely defective. Unfortunately, we must reject the complaint. Any further repairs MUST BE PAID BY THE CUSTOMER.
The normal warranty has expired but you have an extended warranty activated.
Practical example:

The product is not working properly or is completely defective. We will repair or replace the product. THE REPAIR WILL BE PAID BY MUZIKER. If the product can not be repaired or replaced, WE WILL RETURN THE RESIDUAL VALUE OF THE GOODS.

How to do it?

  • Activate the 1, 2 or 3 year warranty extension in your basket.
  • The price in the basket will be automatically recalculated and adjusted for the activated service.
  • The invoice serves as proof of extended warranty.

For the same product defects and malfunctions as in the case with the standard warranty.
For consumables, perishable goods, unpacked, used or damaged goods, or for such defects that we would not recognise even under the standard warranty (for example: defects caused by unprofessional handling, lightning, computer virus, improper handling, alteration of original parts of the product, and so on). The option to activate the extended warranty does not apply to every product in our offer.
We will provide free product repair. If the product has an irreparable defect and repair is not possible, we will allow you to return the goods and pay you the residual value of the goods in the form of a financial voucher for your next purchase. The residual value is the purchase price of the product reduced by 1 % for each month of use. The time limit for handling a complaint may be longer than 30 days in the case of more demanding diagnostics or repairs.
Yes, it can. By law, a legal entity is only entitled to a shortened 12-month standard warranty period. This can be extended by 1, 2 or 3 years, thus obtaining 2, 3 or 4 years of total warranty period.
If you return the goods with the activated extended warranty, we will return the full value of the purchase: the purchase price of the goods + shipping + the purchase price of the extended warranty.
If you claim for a product defect during the statutory warranty period (i.e. if the extended warranty has not yet commenced) and we repair the claimed for goods, the extended warranty continues normally.
If we provide you with a product replacement, your extended warranty will, of course, also apply to the new product.
If you withdraw from the contract in accordance with our warranty conditions as part of a complaint during the 24-month statutory warranty, we will refund the purchase price of the product and the purchase price of the extended warranty.
Reporting a complaint is very simple. There is no unnecessary paperwork or phone calls. Just fill in a few fields on our webpage. You can find a quick guide here.


In addition, we will give members of the Muziker Club another year of extended warranty, free of charge.

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