Wampler Latitude Standard

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Wampler Latitude Standard

Simply designed to keep your tone perfectly balanced within a beautiful and full tremolo. From the sweet shimmering tremolo of yesteryear to helicopter choppiness of today, the tremolo has been a staple for guitar effects. With one foot in sweet vintage tones and one foot in more modern helicopter chops, the Wampler Latitude Standard simply just offers you pure and beautiful tremolo. Like the standard’s big brother, the Deluxe, the standard has a pure signal path that allow the tremolo effect to be layered across the top giving you the best sound you can possible want from a tremolo. Featuring a standard sine wave and controls for level, speed and depth, those tremolo tones you’ve always chased can be yours simply and easily. Most important of these controls, believe it or not, is the volume. How many times have you put a tremolo on and it’s either been way too loud or quiet, with this control you can easily balance your tone perfectly. This may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many great tremolo’s are let down by a poorly placed, or completely missing, volume control. Tremolo, beautifully simple, by Wampler Pedals.

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