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Tascam AK-DR11C Filmmaking Accessory Pack

Accessories for Digital Recorders | Product code: AK-DR11C | ID: 216842

Tascam AK-DR11C Filmmaking Accessory Pack

Tascam AK-DR11C Filmmaking Accessory Pack

Accessory package for DSLR filmmaking with TASCAM DR-series recorders that contains an attenuator cable, a splitter cable, a windscreen, a camera shoe-mount adapter and a soft carrying case. Because the DR-series recorders have a higher signal than most cameras' are designed to take, utilizing the attenuator cable will properly adjust the signal of the recorder's headphone output so the sound quality does not decline when they are directly connected to the input of a DSLR camera. By using the splitter cable, user will be able to use both headphones and connect the recorder to the camera. Applying the furry windscreen atop the device will prevent the interrupting noise of wind or breathing. The camera shoe-mount adapter allows user to mount the handheld recorder to the accessory shoe of a DSLR camera or video camera, while the soft carrying case protects it during transport.

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