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Palmer PGA 04

Attenuators and Load Boxes | Product code: PGA04 | ID: 242325

Palmer PGA 04

Palmer PGA 04

Splitter effect. Converting the hi-Z guitar signal, the FET input circuitry also drives a transformer which routes the ungrounded signal to the output to eliminate ground loop hum. 9V battery operation is recommended. Can also be used as a line driver for long cable runs and features a phase reverse switch for the AMP 2 output when using pre-amps. Robust steel housing. Dimensions: 120 x 80 x 45mm. Weight: 0,58 kg

Product type:                              Speaker Simulators
Channels:                                   1
Input type:                                  unbalanced
Inputs:                                        1
Input connectors:                        6.3 mm Jack
Output type:                               unbalanced, balanced
Outputs:                                     2
Output connectors:                    XLR, 6.3 mm Jack
Output impedance:                    600 (XLR), 10 k (6.3 mm Jack) Ohm(s)
Controls:                                    volume, low, high cut, high, ground lift, fullrange
                                                  volume, filter volume, colour
Dummy load:                              yes
Dummy load impedance:            8 Ohm(s)
Max. load:                                  100 W
Voicing filter:                              yes
Power attenuator:                      no
Transformer isolated outputs:    yes
Cabinet material:                       sheet steel
Cabinet surface:                        powder coated
Width:                                        480 mm
Width:                                        19"
Depth:                                       180 mm
Height:                                       44.5 mm
Height:                                       1 U
Weight:                                      2.56 kg    

Parameters and specifications

Number of Channels







DI Output



Power (Watt)


Power Supply

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