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Elac LS 80 Grey

Hi-Fi Speaker Stands | Product code: LS-80-GREY | ID: 388391

Elac LS 80 Grey

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Elac LS 80 Grey

The LS-80 speaker stand has been custom designed to match the range of speakers from ELAC: Navis, Carina and Vela. Each stand comes with a selection of top plates with hole patterns to match the chosen speaker, allowing it to be securely fixed to the stand. The stand itself is constructed from an aluminum center column with a steel top plate and a substantial 10 mm thick steel base plate. The mass of the base plate adds extra stability to the stand. The center column is fillable with your choice of material to add further mass and damping to the stand. The stand comes equipped with spikes and discs allowing use on either carpet or solid floors.

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