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Joyo ViVO

Micro guitar amp head. The JOYO Vivo Bantamp is a solid state hybrid guitar amp head, it blends valve and solid state guitar amplifier technology, 2 channels, that come together in a tiny amp head that can produce an immense high wall of sound. The Vivo having two channels, a clean and a high gain overdrive / distortion channel. This amp will be perfect for guitarists of modern hard rock, hardcore punk and metal. The 12AX7 pre amp tube produces the warm smooth overdrive tones. With 2 channels flick the amp to the clean channel and use with your array of guitar pedals. A two channel amp makes a guitar head twice as versatile as alternatives and a makes great companion for musicians at practice or on the road. The Vivo comes alive with its high gain settings, you will hear the Vivo scream pure terror, like someone just turned the dial to 50/51. The FX loop on a guitar amplifier enables you to put your modulated based effects (Phasers, Flanger, tremolo and Chorus) after the Vivo delivers its drive magic. The FX loop keeps the modulated effects pure and will prevent them from becoming muddied from the amp gain. Pair your Bluetooth device to the Vivo and jam along to your favourite tracks, connect your external device via Bluetooth and play your audio tracks cleanly through the amps Bluetooth receiver channel. Headphone out with built in cab speaker amp simulation. The amp has a speaker out rated at 8 Ohm and can also be operated at 16 Ohm.

Parameters and specifications

Made in


  • 1 x 12AX7 preamp tube.
  • Clean channel.
  • Distortion channel.
  • FX loop. Bluetooth.
  • Headphone out.
  • Built in cab speaker amp simulation.

Rated power: 20 W/8 Ohm.

Speaker impedance: 8 Ohm/16 Ohm.

Package includes: Vivo bantamp amplifier, power adapter, manual.

Dimensions: 163 x 110 x 140 mm.

Weight: 1200 g.

Colour: Black/Gray

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Der Verstärker klingt sehr gut. Ich habe auch das Original, den dieser kleine Amp versucht zu emulieren und ich muss sagen, dass der Grundklang widerzuerkennen ist. Ich liebe Verstärker mit viel Gain und dies ist bisher der einzige Mini Amp, mit dem ich zufrieden bin, was die Gain Intensität betrifft. Selbst ohne vorgeschalteten Booster bringt der Kleine eine Menge Verzerrung. Angeschlossen an eine Box mit 12" Speaker kommt der Klang nahe an einen echten Vollröhrensound ran. clean klingt er auch gut. Das Grundrauschen ist recht hoch, stört aber beim Spielen nicht. Bluetooth funktioniert einwandfrei.

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