Thunderplugs Propack 3.0

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Thunderplugs Propack 3.0

Comfortable silicone ear protectors. They filter noise in all frequency bands and damp up to 26 dB and protect hearing from damage. The resulting sound with Thunderplugs hearing protectors will be softer, but the intensity is evenly suppressed at all frequencies. Protectors are almost invisible in the ear and very comfortable for long-term wearing. If you move around clubs and festivals where noise levels often exceed 100 dB, Thunderplugs hearing protectors will provide you with a reliable hearing protection feature with minimal impact on the quality of your music experience. The PRO pack contains 2 silicone shields and a practical storage bottle that you can attach to the keys.

The new PRO Thunder Plugs offer even more filtering and sound quality with up to 25 Db noise reduction. The Pro Pack comes with everything you need to keep your Thunder Plugs at the ready when the noise gets too loud but you want to listen to the music - safely. Enjoy the music - Protect your ears. With Thunder Plugs Pro – you can – time and time again. Thunder Plugs Pro Pack Contains: One set of Thunder Plugs Pro: The new version of Thunder Plugs with even more filtering and sound quality! Aluminium Keyring Storage Capsule: Hard wearing storage tube to keep Thunder Plugs safe, and handy – keep your keys on it too. Extra Filters: Spare heavy or normal filtering and protection. Neck Cord: Attach your Thunder Plugs to each other so you never lose them. Lanyard: Attach the storage capsule to your lanyard, hang it around your neck and never lose your Thunder Plugs when you’re at your next party, gig or festival.

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