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Korg Drumlogue

Drumlogue represents a paradigm shift in drum machines. It offers the raw power and rich sounds of analog, the flexibility of digital sounds, and the drumlogue SDK for fully customizable custom synths.In addition, with its powerful, dynamic...
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Drum Machine/Groovebox Korg Drumlogue

Korg Drumlogue

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Korg Drumlogue

Drumlogue represents a paradigm shift in drum machines. It offers the raw power and rich sounds of analog, the flexibility of digital sounds, and the drumlogue SDK for fully customizable custom synths.

In addition, with its powerful, dynamic sequencer, customizable effects and intuitive controls, drumlogue will become an essential part of your music production studio for any genre or style.

It's time to take your beats and the whole music process to a whole new creative level with incredible sounds, effects, customization and sequencing.

Drumlogue was designed to provide the perfect analog sound for your beats, and it delivers fantastically; featuring all-new analog circuits developed by legendary Korg analog synthesizer team engineer Junichi Ikeuchi (ARP 2600 M, MS-20 mini, ARP Odyssey...), the depth and richness of its sound is on a whole new level.

These new analog circuits – (Bass Drum, Snare Drum, Low Tom and High Tom) – will not only provide a solid foundation for your track, but will make it stand out with increased harmonic richness and dense low-end.

Combining simplicity and ease of use, the most important controls for each of these sections have dedicated front panel knobs that you can adjust at any time without having to dive into menus, so you can quickly and intuitively fine-tune your sound on the go.
To further explore the sound, each part provides many additional parameters accessible through the powerful built-in sound editing system.

Last but not least, every part on the drumlogue – analog or digital – has a dedicated volume control, making your mixing process incredibly easy.

Digital flexibility
As the perfect partner for its analog section, drumlogue provides 7 digital parts; 6 sample-based and 1 synthesis-based (Multi-Engine). Sample-based parts can play any of drumlogue's pre-installed PCM banks. You can also import your own User samples into its memory, which makes the drumlogue an extremely versatile machine with practically unlimited sound possibilities.

For starters, drumlogue's 64 pre-installed drum kits give you a wide range of sounds spanning several genres, so you can easily kick start your tracks.

For additional sounds, you can easily load samples into drumlogue by simply connecting drumlogue to your computer via USB and simply dragging and dropping samples into main memory.

Multi-Engine and logue SDK
The popular Multi Engine from the prologue and minilogue xd models is now more powerful than ever. In addition to the Variable Phase Modulation (VPM) and Noise Generator engines, the Multi Engine features a new User Custom slot that can play full-fledged synth voices, providing huge sonic possibilities never before heard on a drum machine.

User Synthesizers
Drumlogue synth voices aren't just static waveforms. Custom synths can be created not only to generate sound, now it's even possible to implement built-in filters, LFOs, MIDI controlled polyphony or other parameters.

Exclusive Sinevibes Synth Plugin "Nano"
Korg has teamed up with popular logueSDK plugin developer "Sinevibes" and included a brand new synth plugin "Nano" as a drumlogue factory preset. This exclusive plugin explores the power of the extended Multi Engine and will allow all drumlogue users to get a taste of this new platform.

"Nano" is a full-fledged virtual analog synthesizer with a wide range of functions and a lot of customizable parameters. The synth engine has two oscillators with selectable circular modulation, a 4-pole state-variable filter with soft clipping distortion, a built-in EG and a built-in multi-wave LFO.

A powerful sequencing tool
Drumlogue harnesses all its sonic power for an extremely powerful internal sequencer that is flexible and easy to use.

Tired of the same old beats? Drumlogue's heavy-duty 64-step sequencer makes it easy and intuitive to create complex rhythm patterns and polyrhythms that will elevate your music-making process with innovative features such as probability per step, alternate trigger patterns per step, microshifts per step, groove patterns per track and many more.

The clear OLED display also makes it very easy to visually monitor and edit your sequences.

Drumlogue is great in the studio and live. Thanks to its Chain mode, creating long and interesting patterns is easy and clearly displayed. In Loop mode, you can switch between multiple variations to play your sequences in new and interesting ways. The Motion and Accent recording features are intuitive and fast, and if you want to try new things on your track, the Randomization feature helps. These and many other features on drumlogue will support and enrich your live performances!

Effects and customization
Drumlogue contains several high-quality effects in three categories that you can use simultaneously: Delay, Reverb and Master effects.

The amount of sends for the delay and reverb effects can be set independently for each part, and there are several return points available.
Master effects allow you to add a final shine to the sound and combine it into a single unit. Master effects can be bypassed on a per-basis basis, allowing the effect to be sent to specific audio parts. A sidechain bus is also available for master effects.

In addition to multiple and varied Delay, Reverb and Master effects, drumlogue can also load third-party effects.

Each effect can implement up to 24 parameters, all of which are easily accessible in a clear menu.

Drumlogue has an audio input so you can process other instruments through the effects chain, making it the ideal companion for your studio setup.

The Drumlogue has a multitude of inputs, outputs and connections that seamlessly integrate into your setup.
The drumlogue's USB-A port allows connection to other USB MIDI class compatible devices for additional customizable control. For example, control the volume of each part with the nanoKONTROL2 faders, or trigger sounds with the velocity-sensitive pads on the nanoPAD2, adding additional levels of expression and integration.

The Drumlogue has four individual audio outputs in addition to headphone outputs and L/MONO and R outputs. You can assign any part to any output to expand routing options for external processing or multi-track recording.

Drumlogue syncs easily with your other gear via MIDI IN/OUT, SYNC IN/OUT, or with a computer DAW via USB.

Ease of use
Drumlogue is not only powerful, but extremely easy to use.

Designed with simplicity and accessibility in mind, all the most important parameters of your main drum parts have dedicated knobs on the front panel that you can adjust on the fly, as well as dedicated volume knobs for each part to speed up your mixing process.

Thanks to the wide and clear OLED screen combined with a simple user interface with 4 dedicated controls, the navigation process is fast and smooth.

Format, design
Unlike most drum machines, the main panel of the drumlogue is bevelled, offering great ergonomics and better visibility. Featuring a robust aluminum body, brushed surface finish and side panels, the drumlogue delivers an elegant and streamlined design to your musical inspiration.

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Hat alles super geklappt, Lieferung wie angekündigt, Drumlogue war bei Muziker deutlich am preiswertesten. Alles sehr gut gelaufen

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Sehr schnell und unkompliziert!)

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