Fleetwood Mac Say You Will

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Fleetwood Mac Say You Will


A1 What's The World Coming To 3:47
A2 Murrow Turning Over In His Grave 4:11
A3 Illume (9-11) 4:50
A4 Thrown Down 4:08
B1 Miranda 4:17
B2 Red Rover 3:57
B3 Say You Will 3:47
B4 Peacekeeper 4:10
C1 Come 5:59
C2 Smile At You 4:32
C3 Running Through The Garden 4:33
C4 Silver Girl 3:59
C5 Steal Your Heart Away 3:33
D1 Bleed To Love Her 4:05
D2 Everybody Finds Out 4:28
D3 Destiny Rules 4:26
D4 Say Goodbye 3:24
D5 Goodbye Baby 3:50

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