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Phonic PAA6 Audio Analyzer

Studio Accessories | Product code: PAA6 | ID: 217002

Phonic PAA6 Audio Analyzer

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Phonic PAA6 Audio Analyzer

Dual-channel precision audio analyser that offers unfettered access to 61-band real-time spectrum analysis; Fast Fourier Transform (FFT); sound pressure (SPL) and dBu/dBV line voltage measurement; EQ setting; phase and polarity check; LEQ (equivalent continuous noise level); audio oscilloscope; and RT-60 functions. It also has two built-in condenser measurement microphones that can be used in six different positions. All features, functions, and controls can be viewed and adjusted via its 480 x 272 LCD colour touch screen. The touch screen's graphic interface also displays time, battery level, function title, and various icons. Also included in the display is a calculator, which can be used without affecting readings in any way. To the left of the touch screen are four buttons including: Directional Control, which selects manual control and onscreen zone; Run/Stop Button and Indicator to activate the currently selected function; Signal Generator Button and Indicator; and Power Button and Indicator. On either side of the analyser are built-in measurement condenser microphones, which can be set in six different positions. On the front of the device are a DC power input, USB 2.0 port, and SD memory card slot for storing certain measurements. The rear of the unit houses two balanced XLR inputs that accept signals from external devices for various readings, and a balanced XLR output for sending signal from the internal tone generator. There is also a stand-mount on the underside of the enclosure for mounting to a tripod or other stand with #6 – 20 connecting screw. For added convenience, the analyser comes with a stand adapter for use with standard microphone stands, plus, the measurement microphones fold in close to the body for easy carry. This device can be used for studio, live sound and fixed installation to measure room characteristics for optimal monitor placement and room treatment to achieve flat frequency response (essential for critical listening); treat rooms for absorption and diffusion; test speakers and cables for phase coherency, as well as signal running through a system; test preamps and processors for THD+N to ensure clean audio as track counts increase; measure nominal operation level throughout a system; calibrate monitor levels; measure EQ to ring out a room (find feedback frequencies); and test for clipping and other waveform anomalies.

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