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Muziker staff consists mostly of experienced musicians who are always willing and ready to give advice and to answer any question. They have years of experience and expertise, and although very professional, their approach and attitude as well as the dress code is very informal. Musicians are playful by nature and they form a strong community, the evidence of this can be seen on Muziker Facebook profile which is followed by more than 100,000 fans. Join us and enjoy one or more of our competitions to win prizes from the world of musical instruments, get information about the latest new products, find guidance on how to solve problems with musical instruments and sound equipment which can occur when being used.


MUZIKER logo is a registered trademark of Muziker, a.s. It can be used for advertising or other purposes exclusively with the consent of the trademark owner (Muziker) and only as defined here in. The logo cannot be modified in any way (including the shapes and colors) and must always be the exact copy of the original attached. (download below) MUZIKER logo shall be used solely in conjunction with the word “MUZIKER”


Changing the resolution od logo is possible only if the ratio of the size and shape of the symbol and text is preserved. MUZIKER logo must always be reproduced keeping the correct proportions. It is forbidden to modify the logo in any way by trimming it, “squeezing” it or “stretching it out” to adapt it to a particular format and/or situation in which it is being used.  


MUZIKER logo must always be reproduced in its original colors or in black and white version. Use of other colors is strictly forbidden. Improper use of the original color scheme is not permitted. MUZIKER logo must always be reproduced as a whole keeping its original appearance and no part of it may be omitted. It is possible to reproduce the MUZIKER logo as a black and white version on white background.  



The sign MUZIKER on the MUZIKER logo must always be reproduced in its original font. It is not permitted to use other fonts.



Horizontal logo with the word MUZIKER on one line with the national domain abbreviation. It is used exclusively for horizontally oriented advertising material, making sure the brand name stands out. Use this format (with the domain abbreviation) where it is important to draw attention to the fact it is an online store (where it is not otherwise clear).


Logo muziker
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