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Gemini G2V

DJ Controllers and Software | Product code: G2V | ID: 216664

Gemini G2V

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Gemini G2V

Virtual DJ USB/MIDI controller that provides two full-featured decks, two channels of mixing, and two rows of large performance pads all in a fully metal enclosure, which make it a dynamic and reliable controller with the power to toggle, tap, and twist the tracks into an exhilarating and unique performance. Its DJ tools including pitch fader, key-lock, cue controls, are augmented by advanced sampling controls, on-the-fly loop move, and auto loop and loop roll modes. The full 2-channel mixer provides constant access to the Gain, EQ, and dedicated Filter controls. A balanced XLR master output, master and booth RCA outputs, and microphone and auxiliary inputs provide all that is needed in when it comes to I/Os. The pre-mapped FX controls for Virtual DJ bring immediate results upon first use, while the fully MIDI mappable and high-resolution controls give the unit the ability to easily be adapted for use with any of DJ applications. With responsive and detailed performance pads and rotary encoders the unit’s controls are well suited for a wide array of possible assignments. Bringing performance interaction to the forefront the controller’s layout of faders, knobs, and pads is intuitive and the newly designed touch-sensitive mechanical jog wheel is innately responsive. Active LED level monitors and backlit pads and buttons provide the necessary visual feedback required in complicated performances where a computer screen can be pressed for space. With a professional sounding 24-bit PC/MAC audio interface and all the I/O’s needed to monitor, record, and playback, the professional sound leaving the controller is only limited by your imagination. Dimensions: 461 x 320 x 45 mm. Weight: 4.62 kg.

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