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E9 Ape9.22 Woodland XL Outdoor Pants

Urban climbing trousers in linen & organic cotton.Inside belt with E9 elastic ribbon. Belt loop. Adjustable waist. Embroidery on the right back pocket. Modern cut and design.Extravagance and unique designE9 is the first fashion brand for...
Sale has ended
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Product code: W22-UTR004-389-XL | ID: 1056470

E9 Ape9.22 Woodland XL Outdoor Pants

Urban climbing trousers in linen & organic cotton.Inside belt with E9 elastic ribbon. Belt loop. Adjustable waist. Embroidery on the right back pocket. Modern cut and design.

  • Extravagance and unique design
  • E9 is the first fashion brand for climbers
  • Unique colors specially developed and mixed in E9
  • Stylish prints with a climbing theme


  • ''Hi, I’m Mauro Calibani, former boulder world champion and founder of E9. But mostly, climber and human. E9, its art and creative style, was born in 1998 from the dreams of a boy lost inside himself and the forests of Meschia. The brand grew as I grew filled with creative energy and inspiration from the round and smooth forms of the sandstone rocks that I caressed every day.''


  • E9 is not just a clothing brand but something bigger, a ''Real Brand'' in which people after twenty years recognize us more and more for the expressive coherence that we have developed over the years. At the beginning, for several years, we were the only ones doing this kind of work, clothing for climbers.
  • We have always done it with passion and enthusiasm, our style has influenced many brands in the industry, E9 has invented the style in the climbing world, in an original, authentic and disruptive way.


  • The sense of responsability to try to contribute to the protection of nature and the planet for a company like ours, that does not produce primary goods for life, is and has always been very strong, especially in recent years, thanks to the obvious consequences of a ''global'' indifference in his theme, and also in E9 is more alive than ever. E9 has always pro­duced in Italy and this not only add prestige and value for production in a qualitative sense, but also means above all a ''Km 0'' production.


  • Since 2019, E9 is one of over 150 organizations that support conservation projects around the world through the European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA), an organization founded in 2006 with the idea of helping to preserve wild places and ecosystems for future generations.
  • As a charitable organization directly funding specific projects, the association wants to show that the European outdoor industry is committed to putting something back into the environment, and all working together a real difference can be made.


  • Better for People, better for Earth. Choosing organic fibers is an act of caring for your health and the environment. Organically grown cotton uses solutions that respect nature to limit the use of pesticides and improve the quality of the soil. These methods use less water, support biodiversity and protect farmers from harmful chemicals.


  • It is essential to work in a continuous direction of eco-sustainability without losing sight of the needs of those who wear our garments. Linen is a stylish, natural and long-lasting fiber. With its temperature-regulating properties it can be worn all year round. Long lasting, anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic. Its cultivation requires less water and rainwater is the main source of irrigation. A perfect combination of comfort, look and sustainability.

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David V.

fr Flag



Couleur du pantalon pas conforme au produit, plutôt bleu marine/nuit. Pantalon très très confortable, coupé droite, légèrement serré niveau mollets. Très très agréable à porter. Passé très bien en lifestyle

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Ivan M.

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Czech Republic


menší velikost

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voiculescu m.

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marimea nu corespunde si sunt fff stramti jos. nu seamana cu fotografiile. pacat

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